• Nickel 233


    A commercially pure wrought nickel alloy with excellent corrosion resistance with high electrical and thermal conductivities.


    UNS N02233, ASTM F-1, ASTM F-3, ASTM F-4



  • Nickel 201


    Commercially pure wrought nickel with lower carbon than Nickel 200. Nickel 201 has good resistance to corrosion in acids and to caustic alkalis and neutral salt. This material provides highly ductile mechanical properties.

    Nickel 201 is not hardenable by heat treatment.

    Next Generation Metals can supply this to you in strip, wire, rod, bar and plate.


    UNS N02201, ASTM B-160, ASTM B-162, ASTM A-480, ASTM B-564, ASTM B-16, ASME SB-160, ASME SB-564, ASME SB-162, ASME SB-161


    Production of viscose rayon, manufacture of vinyl chloride monomer, reactors and vessels,


  • Alloy 48


    Alloy 48 is a controlled expansion alloy with nickel content is 48%.

    Next Generation Metals has this available as rod, bar, strip and coil.

    Also known as Pernifer 48, NILO 48, Glass Seal 48.


    UNS K94800, ASTM F-30, MIL 1-23011 Class 3


    Metal seals for electronic tubes, automotive and industrial lamps, specialty hermetic devices.

  • Alloy 52


    Alloy 52 has thermal expansion characteristics.

    Next Generation Metals has this available as rod, bar, plate, strip and coil.

    Also known as Pernifer 50, NILO 50, Glass Seal 52.


    UNS N14052,  UNS K94100, ASTM F-30, MIL 1-23011 Class 2


    Used in mercury-wetted reed switches, metal seals for electronic tubes, automotive and industrial lamps, specialty hermetic devices.

  • Alloy 46


    Super alloy 46 is a expansion controlled alloy with 46% Nickel.

    Next Generation Metals has this available in sheet, strip and plate.


    UNS K94600, ASTM F-30, MIL-1-23011 CL 4


    Metal and glass seals for hermetic and electronic tubes, jet aircraft compressor blades and rotor discs,

  • Alloy 45


    Low expansion 45 alloy has a constant rate of thermal expansion to about 538C and is used mostly in the telecommunications industry.

    Alloy 45 is available from Next Generation Metals in coil, sheet and plate.


    Thermostats, telecommunication.

  • Rene 41


    Rene 41 is a age hardening superalloy with great strength. Rene 41 has been designed for use in highly stressed high temperature components. It is highly corrosion and oxidation resistant.

    Next Generation Metals carries this in bar, sheet and plate.


    UNS N07041, AISI 683, AMS 5545, AMS 5712, AMS 5713, AMS 5800, Capable of AMS 5713.


    Jet engine components, missile components, high speed airframe components, turbine casings, wheels, fasteners, bolting, springs, after burner parts, marine applications.

  • Hastelloy N


    Hastelloy N is a nickel based alloy with high molybdenum content designed for hot oxidation resistance to fluoride salts.

    Next Generation Metals supplies this in tube, plate, bar and solution annealed sheet. Also known as Nickel Alloy X.


    N10003, AMS 5607, AMS 5771, ASTM B366, ASYM B434, ASTM B573, MIL-N-24390B


  • Nickel Alloy 205

    Super Alloy Nickel 205 is one of the essentially pure nickel material. Titanium and aluminum is added to increase its electrical and mechanical properties. 205 has great corrosion resistant properties.

    Next Generation Metals are produced in sheet, strip and wire.


    UNS N02205, AMS 5555, ASTM F1, ASTM F3, MIL-N-46025


    Mechanical supports, terminals, support wires, vacuum tube components, pins, electrical and electronic components,

  • Alloy 42

    Next Generation Metals carries this in tube, sheet, plate, strip and wire.

    Also known as Pernifer 40


    UNS K94100, ASTM F-30, ASTM B-753, MIL-I-23011 Class 5


    Used for semiconductor lead frames in circuits, thermostat rods, glass-to-metal seals, sealing glass envelopes of electric bulbs, radio valves, automotive and industrial lamps,  television tubes, and fluorescent lights.