• C863 Bronze


    C86300 Manganese Bronze is a high strength, non-treatable copper needed for outstanding wear characteristics and high bearing strength.

    Next Generation Metals can supply this in bar and plate.


    CDA 86300, ASTM B22, ASTM B-505, SAE 430B, SAE J461, SAE J462, QQ-C-390, MIL-C-22229


    Brackets, electrical components, screw down nits, marine hardware, clamps, boat parts, heavy duty load bearing, large valve stems, gears, hydraulic cylinder parts, screw down nuts,

  • C510 Phosphor Bronze


    C51000 Phosphor Bronze has a higher yield strength than other readily available cast products. Adding in phosphor to this bronze alloy increases its wear resistance, fatigue resistance and hardness.

    Tempers available are H04, Hard, H08 Spring.


    ASTM B-139, QQ-B-750, CDA 51000, ASTM B-139, ASTM B-159, SAE J461, SAE J463, AMS 4625, MIL-B-13501, MIL-W-6712, QQ-W-321, ASTM F-467, ASTM F-468


    Resistance wire, bearings, bushings, gears, shafts, pinions, thrust washers, valve parts, wire brushes, fuse clips, lock washers, cotter pins, chemical hardware, springs, sleeve bushings, bourdon tubes, beater bar, welding rods, bridge bearing plates, fasteners, electronic and precision instrument parts, springs and gears.

  • Nickel Aluminum Bronze C63020

    C63020 is a nickel aluminum bronze that is used for parts where extra high strength and hardness with some ductility and toughness. These characteristics provide extreme wear resistance for abrasive wear, extreme loads and high impact landings.

    This material is provided in solution treated and tempered bar.


    UNS C63020, AMS 4590, ASTM B-150, ASTM B-315


    Wellhead components, rock bit bearings, landing gear parts, forming roll bearings, marine pump parts and bushings, valve parts, bearings, valve balls, cryogenics, tank track bearings, aircraft components, military aircraft bushings,

  • Aluminum Bronze C959


    C95900 aluminum, bronze is known for its high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. This material is a heavy duty bearing alloy with good wear resistance and great impact resistance.


    UNS C95900, ASTM B505/B505M, CDA 959, ASTM B148


    Gears, valve guides, velve seats, inserts, dies,

  • Aluminum Bronze C952


    C952 Alumimum Bronze is a bronze alloy with excellent conditions for corrosion resistance, wear and impact.

    This material can be heat treated.


    UNS 95200, CDA C95200, SAE 68A, ASTM B505/B505, ASTM B271, ASME SB-271,  ASTM B-148, ASTM B-584, ASTM B16


    Electrical hardware, fasteners, marine hardware, slides, bolts, hydraulic valve parts, propellers and marine engines. Large gear parts, hydrant parts, valve seats, welding jaws, valve bodies, wear plates, bearing liners, pump parts, valves, pump rods, gears, plungers,

  • Bearing Bronze C932


    Bearing Bronze alloy C932 has excellent machining properties, good hardness, strength and wear resistance with excellent anti-friction qualities. C93200 has fair corrosion resistance to seawater and brine. This is suitable for pump and valve components, bearings and bushings with medium loads and speeds with adequate lubrication.


    SAE 660 bearing bronze, CDA 93200, ASTM B505, ASTM B-271, ASTM B66. Alloy C93200, ASTM B144-3B, ASTM B-584, , ASTM B-763, QQ-C-390.


    General utility bearings, bushings, wear plate, valve and pump components, automotive fittings, washers, machine parts, spindle bearings, pump fixtures, insert bearings, pump impellers. Widely used in the gas and oil industry.



    SOLID BAR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..375” – 16” diameter

    HOLLOW BAR (Continuous Cast) . . . .500” I.D. x 1” O.D. thru 14“ I.D. x 16” O.D.

    HOLLOW BAR (Centrifugal) . . . . . . . . up to 30” O.D. (stock)

    SQUARE BAR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . … . .up to 10” square

    WEAR PLATE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .250” – 10“ thick thru 18” widths


    Bar, rod, tube, tubing

  • Aluminum Bronze C954


    C95400 Alumimum Bronze is the common and popular of the aluminum bronze alloys. It is used in many heavy duty applications. This material provides high tensile and yield strength, good ductility, weldability and machinability. C954 has superior resistance to wear, fatigue and deformation with excellent corrosion resistance. C954 exhibits resistance to corrosion in sea water and low oxidation rates at higher temperatures.


    UNS C95400, CDA C95400, ASTM B-505/B-505M, ASTM B-271, ASME SB-271, QQ-C-390, QQ-B-671, MIL-B-16033, ASTM B-148, ASTM B-584, ASTM B-763, MIL-C-15345, AMS 4870B, MIL-C-11866

    Machine Rating is 60


    Aerospace, Marine, Chemical. Gears, worm wheels, weld guns, fastener nuts, large screws, clamps, pickling hooks, spur gears, landing gear parts, machine parts, pressure blocks, pump parts, wear plates, bushings, bearings, wear strips, valve bodies, valve seats, valve guides. Widely used in oil and gas industry.

  • Nickel Bronze C729


    C729 is a copper alloy that is an alternative to nickels alloys, aluminum bronze and beryllium copper. C729 has great advantages, like Its high strength, anti-galling, excellent machinability and it is also non-sparking.

    Specifications By Temper

    C729 CX 105: NACE MR0175/ISO 15156, ASTM B505

    C729 AT 90: NACE MR0175/ISO 15156, MIL-STD-167, ASMTM B249, ASTM B251, BMS 7-373

    C729 AT 110: NACE MR0175/ISO 15156, AMS 4596, MIL-S-901D, ASTM B249, ASTM B251, BMS 7-373, AMS 4598, AMS 4595

    C729 TS 120U: NACE MR0175/ISO 15156, ASTM B249

    C729 TS 9S: NACE MR0175/ISO 15156, ASTM B249

    C729 TS 150: NACE MR0175/ISO 15156, ASTM B251, AMS 4597



    Trust washers, pump parts, aircraft bearings, aircraft bushings, drilling equipment, mining equipment

  • Aluminum Bronze C624


    C624 Nickel Aluminum Bronze is heat treatable to high strength; excellent corrosion resistance. The machinability rating for this alloy is 50.


    UNS C62400 ASTM B150, ASME SB150. SAE J463, SAE J461


    Hydraulic bushings, support bushings, valve balls, fasteners, nuts, welding wire, drift pins, tie rods, wear plates, bushings, gears, cams, marine hardware, high strength fasteners, valve and pump components.

  • Aluminum Bronze C642


    C64200 Silicon Aluminum Bronze is an excellent alloy when your applications requires the strength and anticorrosive abilities that comes from an aluminum bronze alloy but when you need the ease of machinability of a bearing bronze alloy. C642 is a very popular alloy due to its machinability rating of 60 with a tensile strength range from 75-90 KSI.

    Next Generation Metals has this available in rod and bar in hexagon, round and square.

    Tempers available are M10, M30, H04, O50, HR50,


    UNS C64200, CDA 642, AMS 4631, AMS 4634, ASTM B-124, ASTM B-150, ASTM B-249. ASME SB-150. QQ-C-465, SA J463, SAE J461


    Cams, strut bushings, gears, marine hardware, fasteners, landing gear parts, landing gear bushings and bearings, valve guides, corrosion resistant parts, propeller hubs, shafts, sleeves, rock bit bearing bushings, wellhead components, bolts, nuts, valve stems, valve components, automobile engine cam parts, safety belt assemblies, valve and pump components, hooks, valve stems, hardware, pins, valve guides, pole line hardware.