• C464 Naval Brass

    C46400 is a type of brass-copper alloy known as naval brass. C46400 is known for its resistance to wear, fatigue, galling and stress corrosion cracking, hot workability and hot forgeability.

    Next Generation Metals has this material available in rod, bars, tubing, strip, plate, and sheet.


    UNS C46400, AMS 4611, ASTM B-21, CDA 464, ASTM A-171, ASME SB-171, ASTM B-124, ASTM B-283, ASTM B-171, ASTM B-432, ASTM F-467, ASTM F-468, MIL-W-6712, QQ-S-639, SAE J461, SAE J463


    C464 is used in Marine hardware, wearplates, bushings, cannons, lock pins, fasteners, rivets, bolts, nuts, valve stems, balls, heat exchanger tube, aircraft turn buckle barrels, bearing dies, propeller shafts, marine hardware, pressure bearings, shafting, propeller shafts, missile components, fittings, condenser plates, welding rod,

  • Precision Ground Bar


    Next Generation Metals supplies precision machine and swiss straightener shops with machining bar with absolute dimensional consistency.

    Our AccRound Sales Staff is a one-stop raw material and grinding source that can lower your cost and lead time.

    Next Generation Metals AccuRound precision ground bar can be counted on for consistent diameter tolerance, roundness and straightness.

    We source material from the highest quality mills and our grinding will gice you superior straightness and tolerance throughout the length of your bar. We can hold tolerances of +/-.0001 on any 12′ length bar with +/-.00005 roundness.

    We supply domestic and foreign material from Europe. We stock DFARS material as well. We stock oversizes for our customers with uncommon requirements.

    We also can supply you with heat treating, straightening, bar end chamfering and saw cutting.


  • C27450


    Brass 2745 is a lead free alloy  with good machining ability with a rating of 70%.

    C27450 is compliant with S3874 and AB1953.


    UNS C27450


    drinking water fixtures and fittings, forged valved and bodies.