• Precision Ground Bar


    Next Generation Metals supplies precision machine and swiss straightener shops with machining bar with absolute dimensional consistency.

    Our AccRound Sales Staff is a one-stop raw material and grinding source that can lower your cost and lead time.

    Next Generation Metals AccuRound precision ground bar can be counted on for consistent diameter tolerance, roundness and straightness.

    We source material from the highest quality mills and our grinding will give you superior straightness and tolerance throughout the length of your bar. We can hold tolerances of +/-.0001 on any 12′ length bar with +/-.00005 roundness.

    We supply domestic and foreign material from Europe. We stock DFARS material as well. We stock oversizes for our customers with uncommon requirements.

    We also can supply you with heat treating, straightening, bar end chamfering and saw cutting.


  • 6061 Aluminum Tubing


    This alloy is a good all-purpose alloy with good corrosion resistance, formability and medium strength.


    Drawn Seamless Tube: AMS 4079, AMS 4080, AMS 4081, AMS 4082, AMS 4083, AMS-T-700/6, AMS-T-7081, ASME SB-210, ASTM B210, ASTM B234, ASTM B241, ASTM B429, ASTM B483, MIL-P-25995

    Extruded Tube: ASTM B221, ASTM B241, AMS 4150, ASME SB241, MIL-P-25995, AMS QQ-A-200/8

    Hydraulic Tubing: AMS-T-7081, MIL-T-7081, AMS 4081, 4083, ABS5151, BAMS517-001






  • 2024 Aluminum Tubing


    2024 aluminum is primarily used in aircraft applications for its high strength and good fatigue resistance.


    Drawn Seamless: AMS WW-T-700/3, AMS 4086, AMS 4087, AMS 4088, ASTM B210

    Hydraulic Tubing: AMS 4086

    Extruded Tubing: ASTM B221 AMS QQ-A-200/3, AMS 4152, ASTM B241, AMS 4165, ASME SB241








    Aircraft components, Phillips head screw, hydraulic fittings.

  • 7075 Aluminum Tubing


    7075 aluminum drawn and extruded tubing is primarily used in the aerospace industry due to is high strength, adequate machinability, resistance welding and corrosion resistance. This alloy is used mostly by aircraft and ordnance industries due to its high strength.


    Cold Drawn: ASTM B210, AMS WW-T-700/7,

    Extruded Drawn: ASTM B221, ASTM B241, AMS 4154, AMS QQ-A-200/11


    Bicycle industry, aircraft, aerospace, military rifle components, silencers, suppressors.





  • 7075 Aluminum Bar


    7075 aluminum bar is one of the highest strength aluminum alloys and is used primarily in the aerospace industry due to is high strength, adequate machinability and improved stress corrosion control.


    ASTM B211, AMS 4122, AMS 4123, AMS 4124, AMS 4186, AMS-QQ-2-225/9, ASTM B221, AMS 4154, AMS 4166, AMS 4167, AMS QQ-A-200/11


    Bicycle industry, aircraft, aerospace, military rifle components.







  • 2011 Aluminum



    Aluminum alloy 2011 is a high mechanical strength alloy that is well known for its exceptional machinability. This alloy is very common and readily available.


    UNS A92011, ASTM B210, ASTM B211, SAE J454


    Appliance parts, automotive trim, fasteners, fittings, ordnance.

  • 2011 Aluminum Alcoa

    Alcoa 2011, a cold finished aluminum wrought product, is suggested for applications requiring high productivity and excellent machinability. It is the most free-machining of all aluminum alloys due to the additions of lead and bismuth. Typical applications include auto fuel system componentry, clock parts, gears, machine parts, pipe stems, TV fittings, camera parts, meter shafts, ordnance, industrial connectors, and speedometer components.

    The -T3 temper is the choice when high productivity at moderate strength is key. The -T451 temper offers excellent deep hole drilling characteristics at a lower strength level. When higher strength is required, -T8 temper is the preferred choice.

    Alcoa 2011 offers excellent machinability with high productivity when machined using single-point or multi-spindle carbide tools on screw machines. The use of a chip breaker is not necessary in most cases. Being the most free-machining of all aluminum screw machine stock alloys, Toolrite 2011® is rated “A” giving very small broken chips and excellent surface finish on the final machined part. Machined finishes in the range of 5 to 10 microinches have been obtained in some applications using carbide tools.

    The properties listed in this Alloy Data Sheet represent the best current information for this alloy. In each specific application, the user is expected to evaluate and test the alloy, temper and finishing method. Consult the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for proper safety and handling precautions when using Toolrite 2011® alloy.

    2011 Temper Designations and Definitions

    Standard Tempers T3

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    Standard Temper Definitions*

    Solution heat-treated, cold worked and naturally aged. Applies to products that are cold worked to improve strength after solution heat-treatment, or in which the effect of cold work in flattening or straightening is recognized in mechanical property limits.

    Stress-relieved temper. Solution heat-treated and naturally aged. Applies to products that are not cold worked after solution heat-treatment, or in which the effect of cold work in flattening or straightening may not be recognized in mechanical property limits.


    Solution heat-treated, cold worked and then artificially aged. Applies to products that are cold worked to improve strength, or in which the effect of cold work in flattening and straightening is recognized in mechanical property limits.

    “For further details of definitions, see Aluminum Association’s Aluminum Standards and Data manual and Tempers for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Products.

    Toolrite 2011® Chemical Analys S Liquidus Temperature: 1180°F Solid JS Temperature: 1005°F Density: 0.102 lb./in.3

    Percent Weight Minimum Sj — 5.0 Elements Mn Mg Cr Zn Tj Pb

    .20 Bi .20 Others Each Others Total Aluminum

    Maximum .40 .7 6.0 — — — .30 — .6 .6 .05 .15 Remainder

    Average Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (68° to 212° F) = 13.0 x 10-6 (inch per inch per °F)

    Toolrite 2011® is a registered trademark of Alcoa.

    2011 Global Cold Finished Products Capabilities and Mechanical Property Limits

    Temper Specified

    Section or

    Wall Thickness2

    (inches) Tensile Strength (ksi) Elongation3 Typical



    (500 kg load/ 10 mm ball) Typical




    (ksi) Typical

    Electrical Conductivity


    Percent Min. in 2 inch or 4D”

    Ultimate Yield (0.2% offset) Min.


    Standard Tempers1


    45.0 38.0 10 80 30 45

    .125-1.500 45.0 38.0 10 80 30 45

    1.501-2.000 43.0 34.0 10 80 30 45

    2.001-4.000 42.0 30.0 10 80 30 45


    40.0 18.0 16 95 32 39

    .500-8.000 40.0 18.0 16 95 32 39

    T8 — 54.0 40.0 12 100 35 —

    .125-3.250 54.0 40.0 12 100 35 —


  • 2024 Aluminum


    2024 aluminum alloy has high strength compared to its light weight with an added benefit as good fatigue resistance. Corrosion resistance is poor.


    UNS A92024

    AMS 4037 AMS 4120 AMS 4192 AMS 7223 ASTM B209 ASTM B210 ASTM B211 ASTM B221 ASTM B241 (Pipe- Seamless) ASTM B316

    MIL B-6812 MIL T-15089 MIL T-50777 QQ A-200/3 QQ A-225/6 QQ A-250/4 QQ A-430 QQ WW-T-700/3 SAE J454


    Used in the manufacture of rivets, truck wheels, screw machine products, scientific instruments, aircraft structures, veterinary and orthopedic braces and equipment.

  • 6061 Aluminum Bar


    6061 aluminum bar is either a cold finished or extruded alloy with excellent corrosion resistance, workability and adequate machinability. It is a widely used heat treatable alloy.


    UNS A96061, ASTM B211, AMS 4115, AMS 4116, AMS 4117, AMS 4128, AMS QQ-A-225/8, ASTM B221, AMS 4150, AMS 4160, AMS 4161, AMS QQ-A-200/8.


    Marine components, truck components, railroad cards, pipelines, specialty fasteners, tooling, shafts.