• SA285 Grade

    These are three grades of fusion-welded pressure vessel steel that comes in sheet and plate, which vary in their yield and tensile strengths.


    ASTM SA 285 Grade A

    ASTM SA 285 Grade B

    ASTM SA 285 Grade C, UNS K02801

    Next Generation Metals can supply this in up to 2″ thickness.


    Tanks, pressure vessels,

  • AR500 / AR500F


    AR500/AR500F is a premium quenched and tempered plate through hardened war resistant grades of abrasive resistant steel used for military and ballistic purposes. AR500F has can resist more impact than AR500. Typical hardness is BHN 460-544 and is used in mining equipment, the trailer and construction industry.

    Next Generation Metals can supply this in plate from .1875 to 2″ thick.

  • Armor Steel Plate


    Armor Steel in quenched and tempered armored heat treated steel plate.

    MIL-A-23560 heat treated plate made for good ballistic resistance.

    MIL-DTL-46177 heat treated plate has higher hardness than MIL-A-12560 with thickness up to .250″ thick.

    MIL-DTL-46100 heat treated plate provides excellent resistance to penetration with thickness up to 2″ thick.