Pump Shaft Quality Stainless

  • Pump Shaft Quality Stainless


    Next Generation Metals provides its clients with custom sizes of Pump Shaft Quality material in various grades of stainless steel. PSQ is a process where the material is turned, ground and polished material used mostly in the rotating industries.

    The tight diametrical tolerance accomplished through grinding improves the wear and gives the manufacturer a highly consistent product. We also straighten the material for minimal vibration through the length of the shaft.

    We can supply PSQ in custom sizes and with finishes up to 8 RMS to offer our customers a superior precision product based on their specifications.

    Please call us or email for our current pricing on pump shaft quality stainless.

    316 PSQ Stainless

    410 PSQ Stainless

    416 PSQ Stainless

    17-4PH PSQ Stainless

    XM-19 (Nitronic 50 PSQ

    K500 PSQ



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