Nitronic 40

  • Nitronic 40


    Nitronic 40 is a versatile stainless steel that has a high manganese content. This alloy has high strength and excellent corrosion resistance at high temperatures. Yield strength is approximately twice that of Grades 304, 321 and 347.


    UNS S21900, UNS S21904, Alloy 219, Alloy 40, XM-10, XM-11, AMS 5656, ASTM A-276, ASTM A-479, ASTM A-314, ASTM A-580, AMS 5595, ASTM A-412, AMS 5561, AMS 5562, XM11, 21-6-9


    Aircraft components. clamps, flanges, hydraulic tubing, chemical processing, pollution control equipment, cryogenic applications, steam and autoclave parts.