416R Gun Barrel Steel

  • 416R Gun Barrel Steel


    416R gun barrel steel is a low sulfur pre-hardened chromium grade stainless steel that is primarily used for precision rifle barrels. This grade has various hardness ranges that can be tailor-made per your requirements. Barrel makers and rifle manufacturers use this grade for its consistency and high quality, as Next Generation Metals produces these bars as heat treated and stress relieved.

    This material has good machinability for gun drilling and reaming, and has great polishability for uniform lapping, which is necessary for bore accuracy. Its homogeneous microstructure responds to heat treat  which give this material a uniform hardness along the length of the bar. This is necessary for accurate button rifling to precise groove dimensions. Its corrosion resistance to prevent rusting and minimize fouling. Next Generation Metals provides its 416R with a durable finish which does not pit when properly maintained. This material is 100% ultrasonic tested per ASTM E2375and precision straightened.


    ASTM A370, ASTM A484, ASTM A582 (not S), ASTM E381

    AMS 2315

    Hardness: Standard Hardness is 190-210 BHN but can be made to any of the following: HRC 24-28; HRC 28-32; HRC 32-36

    Tensile Strength: 90-110 KSI


    Rifle barrels, Hunting rifles, Tactical Rifles, Competition Rifles, Precision Rifle Barrels, Gun Barrels, Pistol Rifles.