316LVM Stainless Steel

  • 316LVM Stainless Steel


    316LVM F-138 is regarded as the 'Medical Stainless Steel Grade'. This stainless steel 316 Vacuum Arc-Remelted (VAR) to achieve the extremely high levels of purity and 'cleanliness' required for surgical implants. It has excellent resistance in physiological environments, to general and intergranular corrosion, to pitting and crevice corrosion.

    The ASTM F138 specification signifies implant grade. It is mainly used for permanent implants. 316LVM corrosion resistance is improved by a reduced carbon content compared to the 300 series alloy grades.

    316LVM is centerless ground and has a highly polished appearance.


    • UNS S31673
    • W.NR 1.4441
    • AWS 163
    • ASTM F138 ( bar/rod )
    • ASTM F139 (sheet), ISO 5832-1, BS ISO 5832-1
    • ASTM F899
    This material meets the requirements of 316LS.


    Temporary and permanent medical implants such as hip stems, femoral heads, spinal systems, acetubular cups, bone screws and pins. Cardiovascular applications: guide wires, cardiac stents, surgical instruments and tools; blood lancets, stylets. High precision electronics, suture wire, orthopedic cables, skin closure staples, catheters, small machined parts, Body jewelry. bone pins,