305 Stainless

  • 305 Stainless


    Grade 305 stainless was designed for great formability, good strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Grade 305 has low work and strain hardening rates. This material is not magnetic and cannot be hardened by heat treatment.

    Next Generation Metals can supply this to you in bar, wire, sheet, coil and strip.


    UNS S30500, ASTM A-240 for annealed condition, AMS 5514, AMS 5685, ASTM A-276, ASTM A-314, ASTM A-493, QQ-S-763, ASTM A-666 for tempered material.


    Barrels, shells, cold headed rivets, cold headed screws, spun or deep drawn eyelets, automatic screw machines, electronic enclosure applications, drawn housings, tank covers, writing instruments, kitchen utensils, dairy industry, steam traps, appliances,