17-7 Stainless Steel

  • 17-7 Stainless Steel


    17-7 Stainless Steel is a precipitation hardened stainless steel that gives high strength and hardness, superb fatigue properties, good corrosion resistance, good formability, and minimum distortion upon heat treatment.


    UNS S17700, AISI 631, AMS 5528, AMS 5529, AMS 5568, AMS 5644, AMS 5678, AMS 5824, ASTM A-313, ASTM A-564, ASTM A-579, ASTM A-693, ASTM A-705, MIL-S-25043, AMS 5673, SAW J217, SAE J467


    Springs, washers, blades, fluid seal springs, diaphragms, pressings, encapsulated bellows, aerospace applications, oil and petroleum refining equipment, food processing and chemical processing equipment, heat exchangers, power boilers, superheater tubes.