• 304V Stainless


    Stainless grade 304V wire is a commonly used alloy for non-implantable medical devices. This is Vacuum Arc Remelted (VAR), which produces a more uniform chemistry with minimal voids and contaminants. It can be used in corrosion environments and atmospheres with its excellent corrosion resistance.

    304V is a flexible and robust stainless that is conducive to welding and soldering.


    Coil, Wire, Strip


    • ASTM A313
    • ASTM A666


    Catheters, stylets, guidewires, springs, needles. orthodontic arc wire, surgical instruments.

  • 304LV Stainless


    Stainless grade 304LV is the low-carbon variant of 304V, making it less susceptible to sensitization and more corrosion resistant when worked to high temperatures. This is Vacuum Arc Remelted (VAR), which produces a more uniform chemistry with minimal voids and contaminants.

    The “L” refers to low carbon, so this would have less carbon than the 304V.



    • ASTM A276
    • ASME A580


    Catheters, guidewires, dentistry, medical, Neurostimulation, implant-dentistry, Orthopaedics, Vascular therapy

  • Stainless Steel Flat Bar


    Next Generation Metals stocks many sizes of Stainless Steel flat bar sizes. Our processes are saw cutting and we also provide shearing up to .500″ and plasma cutting up to 3″.


    FLATS Sizes:
    303 CD 1/8″ x 1/2″ thru 2″ x 8″
    304/304L HRA&P 1/4″ x 1/2″ thru 2″ x 10″
    316/316L HRA&P 1/4″ x 3/4″ thru 2″ x 8″
    17-4 HRA&P 1/4″ x 1″ thru 4″ x 10″
  • Pump Shaft Quality Stainless


    Next Generation Metals provides its clients with custom sizes of Pump Shaft Quality material in various grades of stainless steel. PSQ is a process where the material is turned, ground and polished material used mostly in the rotating industries.

    The tight diametrical tolerance accomplished through grinding improves the wear and gives the manufacturer a highly consistent product. We also straighten the material for minimal vibration through the length of the shaft.

    We can supply PSQ in custom sizes and with finishes up to 8 RMS to offer our customers a superior precision product based on their specifications.

    Please call us or email for our current pricing on pump shaft quality stainless.

    316 PSQ Stainless

    410 PSQ Stainless

    416 PSQ Stainless

    17-4PH PSQ Stainless

    XM-19 (Nitronic 50 PSQ

    K500 PSQ



    Rotary Shafts, Rotary Valves, Valve Shafts, Cylinder Shafts, Boat Shafts,


  • 304VM Stainless


    Next Generation Metals can supply Grade 304VM in rod and wire.


    S30403, ASTM A-2746, AMS 5647


    Surgical and dental instrumentation.

  • 333 Stainless


    Next Generation Metals is able to supply this in bar, plate, sheet and strip.


    UNS N06333, AMS 5593, AMS 5717, ASTM B-718, ASTM B-719, ASTM B-722, ASTM B-723, ASTM B-726


    Refineries and coal applications, heat treating muffles, shafts.

  • Alloy 355


    Alloy 355 is a heat treatable alloy brings that is corrosion resistance. AM 355 is similar to AM 350


    UNS S35500, AISI 634, AMS 5547, AMS 5549, AMS 5743, AMS 5744, ASTM A-564, ASTM A-579, ASTM A-593, ASTM A-705, MIL-S-8840


    Industrial cutters, knifes, vale and gas turbine components, blades, discs, shafts.

  • Alloy 350


    Alloy 350 stainless steel has good high temperature strength and corrosion resistance in ordinary conditions. Also known as Type AM 350 is a heat treatable.

    Next Generation Metals can supply this material in bar, strip and wire,


    UNS S35000, AISI 633, AMS 5546, AMS 5548, AMS 5554, AMS 5745, AMS 5774, AMS 5775, ASTM A-579, ASTM A-693, MIL-S-8840, Type 633, SAE J467,


    Gas turbine compressor components, blades, discs, rotors, shafts, bellows, industrial cutters, knives, valve components,

  • 347 Stainless


    Grade 347 stainless is resistant to intergranular corrosion.

    Next Generation Metals can supply this in plate, round bar, coil and sheet.


    UNS S34700, UNS S34709, AMS 5512, AMS 5646, AMS 5680, ASME SA-240, ASTM A-193, ASTM A-240, ASTM A-269, ASTM A-479, ASTM A-262, QQ-S-763


    Oil refineries, hanger rods, fired heat tubes, power generation industry, high temperature gaskets, expansion joints, rocket engine parts, chemical production equipment.

  • 305 Stainless


    Grade 305 stainless was designed for great formability, good strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Grade 305 has low work and strain hardening rates. This material is not magnetic and cannot be hardened by heat treatment.

    Next Generation Metals can supply this to you in bar, wire, sheet, coil and strip.


    UNS S30500, ASTM A-240 for annealed condition, AMS 5514, AMS 5685, ASTM A-276, ASTM A-314, ASTM A-493, QQ-S-763, ASTM A-666 for tempered material.


    Barrels, shells, cold headed rivets, cold headed screws, spun or deep drawn eyelets, automatic screw machines, electronic enclosure applications, drawn housings, tank covers, writing instruments, kitchen utensils, dairy industry, steam traps, appliances,