Hi Temps

  • Alloy N155


    Super Alloy N155 has good oxidation resistance at high temperatures and good corrosion resistance to sulfuric acid and nitric acid.


    UNS R301555, AMS 5532 (sheet, plate), AMS 5768, AMS 5769, AISI 661, AMS 5585, AMS 5794, ASTM B-639, GE B50A484


    High temperature bolts, aircraft tail pipes, aircraft exhaust manifolds, nozzles, airplane turbine combustion chamber and afterburner components, turbine blades, industrial furnace parts and fittings,

  • Hastelloy N


    Hastelloy N is a nickel based alloy with high molybdenum content designed for hot oxidation resistance to fluoride salts.

    Next Generation Metals supplies this in tube, plate, bar and solution annealed sheet. Also known as Nickel Alloy X.


    N10003, AMS 5607, AMS 5771, ASTM B366, ASYM B434, ASTM B573, MIL-N-24390B