• C17500 Copper


    C17500 and C17510 has high electrical and thermal conductivity with good strength. Both C17500 and C17510 have identical properties and characteristics.

    Next Generation Metals has this available in round bar, rectangles, square, plate and tube.


    UNS C17500, Alloy 10, ASTM B-441, ASTM B-534, MIL-C-81021, SAE J461, SAE J463. RWMA Class 3


    Bearings, fasteners, fuse clips, welding electrodes, springs, precision screw machined parts, electrical and electronic connectors, corrosion resistant components.

  • C17300 Copper


    C17300 beryllium copper is heat treatable, ductile and can be hardened. C173 has the same mechanical and physical properties of C17200.

    Next Generation Metals is available in rod, wire, plate, sheet, strip, tube, and pipe.



    UNS C17300, ASTM B-196, ASTM B-197. Alloy M25.


    Electric switches, electric connections, relay blades, electric motor components, fasteners, pump parts, bearings, precision screw machined parts, corrosion resistant molds, washers, screws, bolts, retaining rings, lock washers, spline shafts, valves, rolling mill parts, pumps, shafts, diaphragms bourdon tubing.

  • C14500 Copper

    C145 tellurium copper has high conductivity and corrosion resistance. This is a strong free machining copper alloy due to the addition of tellurium.

    C145 has a machinability rating of 85% compared to pure copper of 20%

    Next Generation Metals carried this in various forms of bar.


    UNS C14500, ASTM B301, ASTM B124, CDA 145.


    Electrical applications, Gas cutting nozzles, automatic screw machine parts, electrical switches, welding torch tips, fasteners,

  • C10100 Copper


    Copper C10100 is 99.99% pure copper and has high conductivity. This material is used primary in the electric and electronics industry.

    Next Generation Metals carried this material in bar, plate and sheet.


    UNS C10100, CDA 101, AMS 4700, ASTM B1, ASTM B111, ASTM B133, ASTM B152, ASTM B172, ASTM B173, ASTM B174, ASTM B187, ASTM B188, ASTM B189, ASTM B2, ASTM B224, ASTM B246, ASTM B272, ASTM B298, ASTM B3, ASTM B33, ASTM B355, ASTM B359, ASTM B432, ASTM B447, ASTM B451, ASTM B470, ASTM B48, ASTM B49, ASTM B496, ASTM B640, ASTM B641, ASTM B698, ASTM B75, ASTM F68, MIL-B-18907, MIL-W-3318, MIL-W-85, QQ-B-575, QQQ-B-650, QQ-W-343


    Automotive rectifiers, bus conductors, power substations, coaxial cable, coaxial tube, vacuum seals, seals, cryogenic shunts,

  • C17200 Copper


    C17200 beryllium copper is available in both solution and precipitated heat treated in bar and tube. When this material is age hardened, it has the highest strength and hardness of all the commercial copper alloys.

    This material is also known as Alloy 25 or CDA 172.


    UNS C17200, AMS 4725, AMS 4650, AMS 4651, MIL-C-21657, SAE J461, AMS 4650, AMS 4535, ASTM B194, ASTM B643, ASTM B196, ASTM B194, AMS 4533, ASTM B570, RWMA Class 4


    Bearings, aircraft landing gear, bushings, washers, screws, bolts, pumps, springs, shafts, valves, bourdon tubes, roll pins, firing pins, precision screw machine parts, corrosion resistant components.

  • Nickel Alloy 792


    C792 Leaded Nickel Silver has good formality, good corrosion and tarnish resistance.


    UNS C79200, ASTM B151 (bar), ASTM B206 (wire)


    Lock pins for builders hardware, electrodes, medical EKG, decorative items, jewelry, musical instrument valves and components, optical instrument components, fittings for food and dairy equipment, screws, rivets, slide fasteners, lighnting protection, heating equipment, cooling equipment.